Inventory of misunderstandings about shelf purchase
Buy a point to judge and filter out false information
The cost of a rack includes pipes, racks, accessories, spraying, labor costs, production and operation costs, packaging, courier fees, platform commissions, taxes, and so on. It is said that the factory cost of the product is more than 100 yuan. Such a powerful product is only for explosions, sales, and praise. Now it only costs 59 yuan. Selling at a loss, do you believe it? Sales is not fudge, sales is communication with customers to achieve The purpose of selling the item yourself. Also, you can't exaggerate the function, quality, benefits, etc. of its items when selling!
It is recommended to learn to filter false buying signals in the judgment of buying points.
Quality is not inspected but produced
Problems with soft furnishings, such as metal storage racks. Most of them are concentrated on important supporting parts. The unqualified metal parts will directly affect the structural strength of furniture supporting parts, and there are various potential hidden dangers. The reduction of product indicators is mainly caused by the use of cheap and low-quality raw materials and rough technology in order to reduce production costs. Such as pipe diameter thickness, pipe wall thickness, welding process, surface treatment, etc., all directly affect the quality of the product, which is difficult to identify through simple pictures and the naked eye. Inflated sales volume does not mean high quality. Consumers should pay more attention when buying and try to shop around. Choose a qualified direct selling manufacturer, because the quality is confident, why the enterprise is afraid of 315?
How to identify the racks?
Although unscrupulous merchants have clever counterfeiting methods, as long as you do your homework, you can choose a good shelf. Juhao Home has professional art wardrobes, shoe racks, storage racks, clothing sorting machines and clothing rack manufacturing and sales experience. You provide several ways to identify during the purchase process:
One: The firmness is better, especially whether the adapter and the base are easy to shake when pushed or pulled.
Two: The material of the rack is not decayed, deformed, or rusty. The main consideration is metal racks, such as stainless steel or other alloy racks.
Three: The load-bearing weight of the rack should be within the scope of its own use. The racks currently on the market can basically reach a single layer of 50KG or more. If you like DIY assembly, you can upgrade it according to your needs.
Four: The size should be appropriate, and the height should be in line with personal use and household restrictions.
Five: The color matching should be suitable for the color layout of the room.