Which kind of simple wardrobe is better?
When it comes to simple wardrobes, everyone has the impression of simplicity, convenience, and speed. Nowadays, many businesses have launched a variety of simple wardrobes. Which one is better, steel tube or wooden wardrobe?
The steel-tube wardrobe is made of durable material. It is easy and light to disassemble when it is not needed. It is not easy to be eaten by insects, does not require maintenance, and is not afraid of moisture. The load capacity is also better than that of wood. Simple steel tube wardrobes are not as easily affected by temperature and humidity as solid wood simple wardrobes, and there is no need to worry about deformation after long use. The shape of the steel tube simple wardrobe is relatively simple, and the shape of each steel tube wardrobe has the same feeling. It is not as beautiful and generous as the solid wood simple wardrobe. Of course, the steel tube solid wood wardrobe is relatively durable, and it is also a good choice. , The steel pipe is stylish, beautiful, and does not take up space.
On the other hand, the stability of the steel-tube wardrobe structure is better than that of wood, which is very important. The stability of the wardrobe mainly depends on the thickness and weight of the steel pipe. The heavier the steel pipe, the heaviness and durability will be higher.