How to choose a cloth wardrobe
1. The stability of the structure
The stability of the wardrobe structure is very important. After all, the main purpose of buying a wardrobe is to hang the wardrobe and put clothes.
Ordinary cloth wardrobes, due to cost reasons, are made of minimal steel pipes and plastic parts made of recycled materials, plus a simple fabric composition. Such a wardrobe itself is very poorly stable and lacks bearing capacity, so the right side can fall in the middle of the night. This is nothing more than to increase the cost of our secondary use.
2. Convenience
Ordinary wardrobes are all assembled. When we buy them from the supermarket, they are just a bunch of tubes and accessories. This requires some practice of our hands-on ability. We often have to look at the manual and the splicing one by one may be due to lack. An accessory and cannot be used. Just like when I graduated from school and lived with friends that year, the two went to the supermarket and bought a wardrobe. Because I didn’t understand the instructions, I found that the cloth cover didn’t fit after I installed the entire wardrobe. I checked it and found out. Assemble the wardrobe is to install half of it, then put the cloth cover up and then install the half. As a result, it took two hours for the two of them to be successful, but later they fell out in the middle of the night due to too much clothes, and never stood up again!
3. Therefore, when choosing a cloth wardrobe, I suggest choosing a quick-fitting or folding one. Especially for girls, a convenient foldable cloth wardrobe can save you a lot of time, so you don't need to sweat a lot to install a wardrobe!
Material: There are many manufacturers that produce folding cloth wardrobes. In order to survive, many small manufacturers can only cut corners on materials. This has an impact on the quality of the product. When choosing a cloth wardrobe, we have to pay more attention to the material of the wardrobe.
One is the thickness of the steel tube of the wardrobe, and the thickness of the tube plays a key role in the stability of the wardrobe.
The second is: the material of the wardrobe fabric, ordinary wardrobes are made of non-woven fabrics. The characteristics of non-woven fabrics are environmental protection, strong permeability, and many colors.
The third is: Yishi plastic accessories, ordinary wardrobe accessories are all in black. Most of these black accessories are reprocessed with recycled materials. Of course, the characteristics of the reprocessed plastic are not as strong as the original rice, and it becomes easy to crack, which affects the service life of the wardrobe.